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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bam Bam RIP

The infamous Bam Bam is now silent, but his energy still ripples through all of us.   I first got to know Bam Bam during the mid-nineties when SCROLL was focalizing gatherings in the Southeastern deserts of California. Just thinking of a beautiful evening at a SCROLL regional in the desert in the 1990s. Full moon and drums pounding and Bam Bam taking center stage. Dancing my ass off. Thank you.

Bam Bam took his life at the end of September.

Words from Mama Turtle:

I guess he was just ready to leave this world.
He was never really comfortable here. Too much sorrow and insanity for him to stomach.
He was a real sensitive spirit and he tried many ways to deal with it.
Well, now he's happy. He can finally get some rest and truly be celebrating the Great Spirit
all the time now, which is what he wanted for all people.
I'm torn up, broken hearted and a general mess right now.
I would love to hear any exceptional stories (which would probably be most of them) about Bam
and any pictures would be appreciated.
We will be having a memorial service in CA, probably near Santa Cruz for him at the end of Oct.
as we all have to fly in and plan the thing. Plus, he's being cremated, so it can wait.
He left a note pinned to his shirt and I know Bam would want me to tell you all that
at the end of the note he wrote this,
"P.S. Hang Loose!"

Short video Clip of Bam Bam Drumming 

Memorial Services

The memorial for Bam Bam is at the Center For Conscious Living on 1818 Felt St. in Live Oak, (a suburb of Santa Cruz, CA) 2pm, Sunday Oct 30th. The center is directly on the bus line. Send Mama Turtle a note if you need specific help with that info. It's gonna be a potluck so please bring something. There will be a sprinkling of Bam's ashes at Greyhound Rock on Tuesday, Nov 1st, probably around 2pm. After which we will make music, dance, sing, get real high and generally rejoice! We will be focalizing a shuttle to Greyhound Rock for those of you who need help getting there. Again, send me a note if you do. Try and RSVP me so that we can properly estimate chairs and food. Please also bring a potluck dish to share! Love you all and see you there. Mama Turtle

If you FB, here's a memorial page.


  1. Re: "'Short video Clip of Bam Bam Drumming"

    the first 11 seconds of 9 minutes in the greatful dead show parking lot 93 Sacto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWwnY72H26g
    165thou views since 06

  2. With heartfelt sorrow,i hope to be there.....roadrunner&bingo

  3. Great words, Mama Turtle!

    Karin, I like yours too " his energy still ripples through all of us."

    Hugz and compost to everybelly seeing this. See you in the 'Cruz RSVP for 1

    anyone need ride from San Jose to Santa Cruz?

    Roy the third

  4. Hey Now

    Hears to a great Rainbow Brother who was always a good friend may he always ride the Rainbow.

    El Pearl

    P.S. Anyone headed to SC from Humboldt call me at 707-845-1503

  5. I have never had the pleasure of meeting this man, But I do beleive he and I would have been good friends. I wish to attend not only to pay my respects but as well to come in to contact with the Rainbow family. My name is Addison, I am in Fullerton, California. If there is anyone who I could get a ride with or meet in another city closer to get a ride, I would much appreciate it. My E-mail is { torchwing777@live.com } Please R.S.V.P

  6. Ill miss My brother...... Many memories,,, "Skybear",, santa cruz

  7. bam bam my brother who taught me to drum for the light, when i was a young warrior..thank you for sharing your wisdom and love..i will drum with you now forever....brother chance