Where in the Appalachian Bioregion are we going?

Where in the Appalachian Bioregion are we going? The consensus was for the White Mountain National Forest (in the Northeast), or the Appalachian states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia. Spring Council selected a site in North Eastern Tennessee.

If you're not familiar with the gauntlet on the road into the gathering, and want to avoid a mandatory court appearance ticket click here.

For the Howdy Folks and directions to the gathering, click here. For the United States Forest Service Incident Command website with groovy maps and updates, click here.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Fever

Technically it's still the middle of winter, but the weather in most of North America is so mild that it feels more like spring.  The gathering is still months away, so what's a home sick gatherer to do?

Now is the perfect time to start getting ready for the gathering.  So here's a random list of steps you can take now to create a positive gathering for yourself and others this summer.

Make sure your car is 100% legal. All brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, registration, insurance and nothing hanging from your rear view mirror.  The cops seem to like to pull people over and write mandatory court appearance tickets for the littlest thing.

Make sure your camping equipment is in good shape. Check your tent for leaks. I'm guessing we'll see rain this summer and camping is way more fun in a dry sleeping bag.

Check out thrift stores, garage sales and swap meets for things you can share with others at the gathering: tents, 60 gallon pots, sleeping bags, cast iron grills, very large metal mixing bowls, hiking boots, digging shovels, pick axes, rain gear, etc.

Have a garage sale of your own and send the money you make to CALM, the Rainbow Guide, All Ways Free, Team Hydration or the Magic Hat to help buy gas for scouting  (see links at right).

Get in shape.  Yup, at the gathering you'll be walking for hours every day so now is the perfect time to get in shape.  Try walking an hour a day for starters if you're not in the habit already. 

Plan a workshop or camp focused on your special talent.  Some ideas are singing, drawing, ocarina making, drum making, meditation, yoga, belly dance, Tai Chi, sewing, caring for dogs or cats (probably not a great idea to mix these camps),  massage, or beading.  Start getting your supplies together and your friends lined up to get there early and find a great place for your camp.  Then arrive a week or so before July 1st and start creating the camp.  You are the rainbow magic.

Plan a fundraiser for CALM.  Every year CALM treats hundreds of people from blisters to heart attacks. Medical supplies aren't cheap and it costs thousands of dollars each year to keep everyone healthy.

Get involved with scouting.  If you like to read maps and walk the land, call and leave a message that you want to plug in (see phone numbers at right).

Build a rickshaw or other fat tire wheeled device to help transport mobility impaired gatherers and food supplies to kitchens.  

Start a list of all media outlets in the consensus states (see top of blog) and get together with other folks and start contacting people with positive information on the gathering.  Reach out to the Rainbow Press Crew to learn what they've done in the past. Check out their website here.

Get your first aid certification so you can help keep our family healthy.

Rehearse your best rainbow story for Hipstores, than share your hard won wisdom with your family.

Starting going to your local circle (or start one if there isn't one already) and plan a camp like Cleveland, Ohio camp or whatever city you live in.  Get together with folks in neighboring cities and plan a regional camp.

Get a job and earn money (or set aside some money from your existing earnings) to donate to the magic hat on the land to feed your family.

Learn how to play guitar and share your music with your family.

Learn the Rainbow songs now and teach them to people on the land.

The most important lesson I've learned through my gathering experiences, is that the more I give to the gathering, the more the gathering gives to me.


  1. rockin good job Karin

  2. yo this is awesome thanks karin for your hard work and dedication to the family!

  3. Thanks Karen,

    Philadelphia Rainbow family has a new indoor location. We met last night. The energy to make it to the annual is gaining. WE LOOOVVVEEE YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  4. Yes thanks again Karen...I really was trying to remember one of these songs, sung at Johanna and Jon's wedding last year. One of my highest connections with the family ( with 25 years of memory's !! ) LOVE"N YOU mama T ( of serenitea )

  5. Do you know of any gatherings on the Appalachian Trail in April? In the fourth quarter of my senior year of high school we get let out to pursue an interest and I will be making a documentary about hiking on the Appalachian trail. It would be so amazing if I could film a gathering!

    1. I doubt a gathering would be held along the trail. We generally gather in land not heavily used. Call some of the lightlines in the area and leave your name and number. You can find a list of them here

  6. Replies
    1. There are tons of suggestions on this post. Pick what ever one tickles your fancy and do it. No one is in charge.

  7. So where is the next one happening at? I would love to join with ny son, Ii make dream catchers and would be able to system this talent :)

    1. Starts in about a week. Check the link at the top of the page for directions.